Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs is looking for something and finds more than he bargained for.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2010. Word count: 300.




"Damn it, DiNozzo. I can never find anything in your crap," Gibbs muttered, as he dug through DiNozzo's desk drawers looking for a file. "One of these days, I'll - What the . . ." He murmured, finding McGee's latest book in the drawer. And not just any drawer; the one where DiNozzo kept his important magazines.


He pulled it out, the file momentarily forgotten, and flicked it open expecting to find a particularly revealing picture or something. Instead he found himself staring at the inscription. "DiNozzo," he growled menacingly.


"Hey, boss. You wanted me?" Gibbs turned to see DiNozzo saunter up to him.


"My office. Now!" Book still in hand, Gibbs strode towards the elevator, DiNozzo hurrying behind him.


Inside, Gibbs slammed the emergency stop button and moved closer to DiNozzo. It made him feel good when DiNozzo backed away. "What," he demanded, holding up the book, "is this?"


"McGee's book?" DiNozzo managed, after gulping several times.


"Can see that, DiNozzo. What I meant is what the hell is this?" Gibbs opened the book at the inscription and showed it to DiNozzo.


DiNozzo turned pale and looked back at Gibbs. "A joke?" Gibbs just glowered at him. "Look, boss, I can explain."


"Can you?"


"Yes. I mean that is . . . I . . ."


"Rule seven."


"Seven? Don't you mean twelve? Oh, yeah, of course. 'Always be specific when you lie'. Right."


"You going to?"


DiNozzo stared at him for a moment. Then he said, "No. No, boss. I'm not."


Gibbs stared at him for a moment. Then sighed. "You let it interfere with the job, just once, DiNozzo, even for a second, and you're both out. Got it?"


DiNozzo blinked. "Got it, boss."


"Good." Gibbs started the elevator again. The doors opened.


"Oh, boss," DiNozzo called as Gibbs strode out. "Can I have my book back?"



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