Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after Guilty Pleasure.

Tony and Tim go out for a drink.

A pre-slash story.

Written: April 2010. Word count: 300.



Within five minutes the squad room had emptied. Gibbs had been dragged away by Ducky to go out to dinner. Ziva had raced off muttering something about 'a book club meeting'. That had left just Tim and Tony.


Out of the corner of his eye, Tony looked at Tim. Clearly he'd gotten bored with blowing on his coffee in an attempt to wind Tony up, as he was now staring at his computer screen.


Then he turned his head and looked directly at Tony. "What?" he demanded.


"What, what?" Tony asked.


"You were looking at me."


"Was not."


"Was too."


"Was not."


Tim shook his head and turned back to his screen. "Juvenile," he muttered.


"Annoying," Tony responded with.


Tim turned back to look at him and glared. At least he did for a second or two, before both men began to laugh.


"Friends?" Tony said, going to Tim's desk and handing him his Nutter Butter again.


"Friends," Tim replied, as he took the candy bar.


His fingers brushed against Tony's hand, and Tony had to stop himself from jumping as a sensation he'd never had before when Tim had touched him raced through his body. "So," he said, sitting on the edge of Tim's desk. "Have you got plans for tonight?" He kept his tone nonchalant.


Tim shrugged. "Maybe." Tony stared at him. "Okay, no."


"Want to get a drink?" Tony kept his tone nonchalant.


Tim looked at him. "Maybe," he said.



They had a drink and a second and a third, before they headed back, with pizza, to Tim's apartment.



"So," Tim said, once the pizza had been eaten and four empty bottles of beer stood on the table. "Are you going to apologize to me?"


"Maybe," Tony replied, putting a hand on either side of Tim's face.



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