Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Until Tonight.

Jenny needs to ensure Kort knows when she dies, but who can she trust to tell him?

An established relationship story.

Written: February 2010. Word count: 500.




She picks up her pen and looks down at the blank piece of paper. She sighs; it shouldn't be this difficult. The other letter, the one she'd left for Jethro, had been easy to write; this one is so hard. Outside the rain pounds against the window; it matches her mood.


She puts the pen down again and reaches for her glass of brandy, takes a small sip and thinks of what to say. How do you tell the man you love 'if you are reading this, then I'm dead'? It's clichéd, but she has to do it. She has to take this final opportunity to tell him what he means to her. To tell him how happy he made her during her last few months; to tell him she died loving him; to tell him she's glad she took a chance and let him get close; to tell him 'thank you' for making her belief, for a short time, in life and love again.


She takes another small sip and picks her pen back up. This time she bends her head and begins to write; the words now come easily. But as she writes her eyes become blurred, and more than once she has to stop to wipe them, not wishing to let tears drop on the paper.


She signs the letter 'Love Jenny', reads it quickly through, puts it into an envelope, and then writes 'Trent Kort' on the front.


She leans back in her chair exhausted, but it still isn't over. She has to find a way to ensure he gets the letter. She doesn't want to leave it with her lawyer. She wants to leave it with someone she trusts, someone she knows will accept the task and not question her, or judge her, or talk about it.


She knows there is only one person; the same person she has already entrusted the secret of her illness to. She and Ducky may not be the closest of friends, sometimes she's not even certain he likes her that much, but she trusts him more than she trusts anyone. He's the only person she can entrust this to.




She shakes the rain from her hair and goes into Autopsy looking around to see if Palmer's there. He isn't. "Ducky. There's something I need you to do for me."


"Of course, Jennifer." Ducky smiles.


She pauses just for a second, then pulls out the letter from her purse and hands it to him. "When I'm . . . When I . . . When I die," she finally manages. "I'd like you to ensure that Trent Kort gets this letter. Will you do that for me, Ducky, please?"


He glances at the envelope and then back at her. Understanding shows on his face, understanding and not the slightest hint of censor. "Of course, Jennifer," he says gently. "You can trust me."


She gives him a half-smile. "I know," she says simply. "Thank you, Ducky." She squeezes his hand, before turning on her heel and leaving.



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