Ashleigh Anpilova


Trent Kort calls Ziva and asks to meet her.

A pre-het story.

Written: January 2009. Word count: 300.




They'd arranged to meet where he and Gibbs had always met. The birds sang over-head; he didn't hear them.


He wasn't certain she'd come. Why should she? What did she owe him? She'd sounded surprised, wary, when he'd called.


He watched her walk towards the bench. She moved like a cat, always aware, always watching.


She reached the bench. "Mr. Kort."


"So formal, Officer David."


"Agent David."


So the rumors had been correct. "Sit down," he paused. "Ziva."


For a moment he thought she'd refuse. Then she sat. "What do you want?"


"I'm going back into the field."


She frowned. "And why do you think that would interest me?"


"I don't."


"Then why am I here?" She started to stand up.


He put his hand on her arm and gasped as hers closed over his, twisting his wrist. "Okay. Go if you want."


She paused and sat back down. "You said it had to do with Jenny?"


He nodded. "Yes. You see, Ziva, the chances of me coming back from this assignment are very low. And I wanted to tell someone before I went. Not that it'll matter; it's far too late now. But I wanted to tell someone. And I know you were close to Jenny."


She nodded. "Very well."


He moistened his lips. Now the moment had come, he wasn't sure. But her dark eyes told him she wouldn't give him a second chance to stop her. "I loved her," he said.


Her eyes widened. "What?"


"I loved her. I never told her. We never . . . We were enemies, Ziva. I was helping the man she despised. But I loved her."


"But why tell me?"


"Because you loved her too." He stood up. "Goodbye, Ziva. I doubt we'll meet again." As he walked away, he heard the birds singing.



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