Ashleigh Anpilova


Tony needs Tim in a way he never had before.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



He looked at his watch for the sixth time in as many minutes. There was only ten minutes to go. Ten minutes before his life would change forever. Ten minutes before he would change forever.


He'd never thought the day would come when he'd be doing this. Never. Not even as a kid had he thought he'd be standing where he was standing, waiting to do what he was about to do. Never. As he'd gotten older the possibility had seemed even less likely. It was such a grown-up thing to do.


He glanced at the man standing next to him. Tim was relaxed, smiling as he turned around to say something to Gibbs and Ducky.


Suddenly he knew he couldn't do it. He grabbed Tim's arm. "Probie," I whispered, using the term he hadn't used for more than two years now, not since he'd been given his own team and Tim had become Gibbs's senior field agent. "I can't do it."


Tim turned to him and put his hand over his hand and squeezed it. "Of course you can, Tony," he said, his voice calm, reassuring. "Of course you can," he repeated.


Tony shook his head. "I can't. It's too soon. You've got to stop it." He was gripping Tim's arm so tightly, he was creasing the sleeve of Tim's jacket.


"Tony. It's been four years. That's not too soon. You. Can. Do. It."


"But do I want to?"


Tim smiled. "Yes, Tony. You do."


"Is it right?"




"Will I make her happy?"


Now the smile that lit up Tim's face made Tony swallow hard. He waited for Tim to say something prosaic. But all he said was, "Yes, Tony."


And that was that.


Forty minutes later Tony led his wife, Dr. Jeanne Benoit-DiNozzo, out into the sunlight.



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