Ashleigh Anpilova


Set during Internal Affairs.

Tony knows he made the wrong and the right decision.

An established relationship story.

Written: June 2010. Word count: 300.



"Was any of it real . . . Tony?"


He hears Ziva's words again, 'Go, tell her what she needs to hear'.




She stares at him; hatred and pain clear in her eyes. "I wish I'd never met you," she says. And with those words she turns, gets into the elevator with the FBI men and goes out of his life forever.


He stands staring after her just for a moment, torn between racing after her and letting her go.


Lying to her and letting her go is a mistake; he knows that.


Going after her and telling her he'd lied to her, that it had all been real, so very real, the realest thing he'd ever known, would ever know, would be an even bigger mistake; he knows that too.


He loved her. He still loves her. He'll always love her. No matter what happens in his life, no matter whether he marries and settles down, part of him will always love Jeanne Benoit.


He'd never been in love before, not truly, honestly, deeply in love. Thus when he'd fallen in love with Jeanne it had turned his life around; to love and be loved, he'd thought that was enough. He'd always known the day would come when who he really was would come out. But he'd thought because they loved one another, it would work out.


But it hadn't. It couldn't. She'd love Tony DiNardo and while much of Tony DiNardo was Anthony DiNozzo, not all of him had been. Tony DiNardo had been the man Anthony DiNozzo wanted to be, but was too afraid to be.


"Be happy, Jeanne," he whispers. He stands for another second or two, thinking of what could have been, before he puts a smile on his face and heads back to McGee and Ziva.




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