Ashleigh Anpilova


She's a trained killer; but surely there has to be something more?

A Ziva centric gen story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 300.




Her entire life has been about one thing: becoming a Mossad agent. As such everything she did, everything she was taught, every childhood 'game' she played, was focused on the end result.


It is her tenth assignment and her most dangerous yet. The chances of her survival are slim. And yet she knows she will survive.


She has been trained.


She has been trained to kill.


She has been trained to be lethal.


She is lethal.


Even those who trained her are somewhat surprised by just how lethal a killer she is. How cold she can be; how distant; how detached.


She did not used to be quite this lethal, quite this cold, quite this distant, quite this detached; Tali's death changed her. It honed her already excellent skills. It made her the woman, the killer, she now is.


Sometimes her lethalness, her coldness, her detachedness gives her cause for concern. An ex-lover did not help when, after he crept up on her to surprise her and she broke his arm, he declared she should come with a warning label.


Sometimes she wishes she was not as she was. Sometimes she wonders if there is more to her than just being a trained killer. Sometimes she tells herself there is.


But today is not the day to discover whether there is more to her or not.


Today is the day to carry out her assignment.


As she walks calmly away, cleaning the blood from her knife, she knows the assassination will never be traced to her. She is that good. She is that lethal. She is a Mossad agent. Trained to kill. Trained to show no fear. Trained to leave no trace behind her.


Maybe there is more.


Maybe one day she will discover it.


But not today.


Not yet.



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