Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after The Inside Man.

Ziva is alone in her apartment thinking.

A Ziva-centric gen story.

Written: October 2009. Word count: 300.



She sits on the floor in her darkened apartment, knees pulled up to her chest.


She tries to forget the last hour. She cannot.


She cannot stop remembering how Gibbs had left the squad room, leaving her NCIS Special Agent application form unsigned.


As she had known Ducky had left for the day, she had waited for a few minutes to see if Gibbs would return. He had not.


Finally, she had picked the form up, put it into her bag and had left the squad room. Had left it and returned to her apartment.


She had been wrong. She had been wrong to apply to become an agent; she had been wrong to want to become an agent. But that did not matter; not really. What mattered was that she had been wrong concerning Gibbs. She had thought, she had believed, she had wanted to believe, that he had forgiven her.


Forgiven her for being less than honest with him concerning Michael - but she had not lied to him. Forgiven her for her accusation about Tony. Forgiven her for trying to force his hand and choose her over Tony for his team. Forgiven her for Ari.


She had thought he had believed her when she had explained that she had been wrong about Ari and wrong about him. And how she had killed Ari to save him, not to gain his trust.


He had taken her back onto his team. But he might as well not have done for all the attention he paid her. He had not forgiven her; she knows that now. She wonders if he ever will. She wonders if this is his idea of justice.


She wonders if it is all too late. Too late for forgiveness. Too late for her to rejoin the family.



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