Ashleigh Anpilova


Set during Rule Fifty-One.

Vance has the power to end careers.

A Vance-centric gen story.

Written: June 2010. Word count: 300.



Power; his position gives him that. It was the reason he'd accepted the job of Director upon Jenny's death, even though it'd meant a family upheaval.


He has the power to make careers. The power to discipline; to approve of; to disagree with; to show whose boss. But most of all, he has the power to end careers.


And that's what he's giving serious thought to doing. Yet again Gibbs had gone off alone without letting anyone know what he was up to and where he'd gone.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs; the longest standing agent the agency has, and as reluctant as he is to admit it, the best. But Gibbs is not his kind of agent; Gibbs is old-school; hasn't moved with the times; doesn't show respect; doesn't tell people what he's doing; argues; calls him 'Leon'; has to do everything his way.


He'd told himself the next time Gibbs took off, he'd make the call that would end his career. He has the power to do that and he should. With Gibbs gone, it'll be the end of Team Gibbs. Dr. Mallard would leave, possibly Miss Sciuto and DiNozzo too. McGee he could use in the way he should be used. David owes him. Palmer's still too green to take over as ME, go or stay, it'd be the same. The important thing would be: no more Gibbs; no more Team Gibbs.


Gibbs has just played into his hands, saying maybe he shouldn't work for him, but he's trying to tell him something. He needs help. Damn the man; whatever else he is, however much he irritates, he's good. Far too good for the agency to lose.


Yes, he has the power to end careers, but he also has the power not to. This time he'll choose the latter.



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