Ashleigh Anpilova


Tony finds a photo in one of his movie magazines that stuns him.

A team gen story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



"It can't be." He looked again, then blinked hard and shook his head. "It is! Hey, guys," he called to McGee and Ziva, "come here."


"I'm busy, Tony," McGee said, not even looking at him.


"As am I. Can it not -"


"Come here," Tony ordered. "It's important."


He watched Ziva roll her eyes, but she got up and, followed by a sighing McGee, crossed to Tony's desk.


"What is it, Tony?"


"Look." Tony showed them a photograph in his new movie magazine. "It's Gibbs."


"Tony, that's not the boss. It can't be. He's wearing eye-shadow and his hair's a different color."


"But look," Tony said, now pushing the magazine into McGee's hand. "There, by his hairline. That's the same mark as Gibbs has. See?" He pointed to it.


"It's not that unusual a mark, Tony. It's just a coincidence."


Tony shook his head. He was sure he was right.


At that moment the elevator pinged and Ducky, Palmer and Abby came out into the squad room. He'd ask Ducky, if anyone would know, Ducky would. "Ducky," he called. "Come here, please," he added swiftly.


"Good morning to you too, Anthony and of course Timothy and Ziva. Now what may I do for you?"


Tony pushed the magazine into Ducky's hands. "Is that Gibbs?" he asked.


Ducky looked down. "Of course it isn't Jethro," he said, handing the magazine back to Tony.


"But it looks just like him."


"Many people seem to think I look like Illya Kuryakin, but I assure you I am not he. No, this man is just Jethro's doppelgänger, that is all. It is said we all have one."


But despite Ducky's words, Tony still wasn't convinced. Which is why, several days later, all seven members of Team Gibbs sat in the movie theater watching Weather Girl.



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