Ashleigh Anpilova


Set during Judgment Day.

What happened when Franks went back into the diner?

A Franks & Jenny gen story.

Written: March 2010. Word count: 300.



He walks back into the dinner firing his gun. Once. Twice. Three. Four times.


His accuracy is lethal. No one is left standing. The smell of cordite and blood linger in the air.


He hears a soft noise and turns. She's on the ground, bloody, hurt. He walks towards her.


He drops to his knees and swiftly but efficiently examines her. Her wounds aren't fatal; at least they won't be if he acts quickly. He reaches for her cell phone, but her hand on his arm stops him.


He looks at her and in her eyes he sees the plea.


"Are you sure?" His voice is gruff.


She nods. "Yes," she whispers. Her eyes repeat the plea.


After a second or two, he stands up and, using his handkerchief, picks up one of the dropped guns and returns to her.


Silently he asks her one more time if this is really what she wants.


Silently she answers him. It is.


He deliberately points the gun at her and beings to squeeze the trigger.


"Tell -" The name stuns him; momentarily his finger freezes on the trigger. It isn't the name he'd have expected to her to say.


"I will." Then his gaze locked with hers he completes the job.


Clean. Simple. Virtually painless. Far better than the death she would have had. He knows that. He's done her a kindness.


So why does he momentarily hate himself?


Then the hatred passes.


He puts the borrowed gun back on the ground and pushes his handkerchief back into his pocket.


It's time for him to get out of there.


He looks at her one last time; she looks peaceful. It had been the kind thing to do.


As he turns and walks away, he silently vows to keep his final promise to her.



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