Ashleigh Anpilova


DiNozzo asks McGee to trust him.

A McGee & DiNozzo centric gen story.

Written: January 2009. Word count: 300.



"Come on, McGee. You can do it. Just follow me. Put your feet exactly where I put mine. You'll be okay. Come on, you have to. It's our only chance."


McGee looked at the, what appeared to him to be, sheer cliff-face, looked at DiNozzo and shook his head. "I can't, Tony. You know I can't."


DiNozzo glanced around him. "Look, Tim. You have to forget your phobia, just for a while."


"Tony, a phobia isn't something you can just 'forget'. Don't you think I'd have done that if I could?" McGee glared at his co-worker.


"Sorry. Guess I didn't think."


"Do you ever?" McGee regretted the words the instant he spoke them. But he was afraid.


DiNozzo looked at him. "You know what, McGee. I guess I often don't. Not like you do. Okay, so you can't forget your phobia, but can't you trust me?"


McGee looked at him. Could he? What about super-glue on the keyboard? And all the other hundred and one practical jokes DiNozzo had played on him? You have to forget those, said a small voice in his mind. Forget those and remember when he's been there for you. And DiNozzo had, more than once.


He looked at DiNozzo and he looked at the cliff. But he couldn't. "I'm sorry, Tony," he said. "I can't."


For a second DiNozzo frowned. Then he shrugged and sat down. "Okay."


"Tony, what are you doing? You go. You get away. I'll -"


"We don't leave our people behind, McGee. Either we both go or we both stay."


He couldn't be responsible for DiNozzo's death. He swallowed. "All right. I'll try."


DiNozzo beamed at him and squeezed his shoulder. "That's my McGeek," he said. "Come on then, just follow my lead - I won't let you down, Tim. I promise you."



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