Ashleigh Anpilova


Tony and Tim go camping.

A McGee & DiNozzo gen story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 500.



"McScout," Tony called, pushing through the dense trees. "Tell me again why we're going this."


McGee stopped and turned around. "Because you said you wanted to go camping."


"I did? I mean I did, yeah. But -"


McGee grinned. "You didn't think I'd take you up on it?"


"No! Yeah. Okay. I mean . . . Why are we in the middle of a wood?"


"Where did you expect to camp?"


Tony shuffled his feet. "I don't know. Somewhere -"


"With an en-suite and room service?"


"No. Well, not exactly. Just not somewhere as remote as this. Do you even know where we are?" Tony looked around him; he hoped McGee did, because he didn't.


McGee put his hand on Tony's shoulder. "Tony. I was a Scout. You can trust me; I know where we are. If you want to go back, say so and -"


"No. You came to a triple feature with me. We're doing this for you. It's what friends do, right?"


McGee looked at him. "Yes."


"And we are friends, aren't we, Pro-Tim? Friends. Buddies. Compadres. Brothers. Family."


McGee nodded. "Sure, Tony."


Tony caught his arm. "We are friends, right, McGee?"


McGee smiled and squeezed Tony's shoulder. "Of course we are, Tony."


"Good. Right let's get on. Where're we going to make camp?"


"There's a good place not far away." McGee began to walk again.



Tony looked around him. If this was a 'good' place, he'd hate to see what a bad place was like. "Um, McGee. Is this it?"


"It's for one night, Tony. It'll be fine. I'll put the tent up."


Tony watched as McGee unloaded the pack he'd carried.


"Looks good," he said, once McGee had put the tent up. "So where's mine?"


"We're sharing."


"We're both going to sleep in there?" Tony looked at the tent; it didn't look big enough for one person, let alone two.


"It's for one night, Tony. We'll manage. Besides, we're friends, brothers. You said so." McGee smiled.


Tony smiled back at him. "Yeah. We are."



The darkness descended upon them a lot more quickly than it did in the city. McGee had lit a fire, but the only other light came from the stars and the full moon. Unused to a lack of streetlights, Tony found himself gazing up at the sky with an almost childlike joy. "Look at that," he said, nudging McGee and pointing up. "It's a shooting star."



They sat and talked until McGee suggested they turn in for the night. McGee quickly fell asleep, but Tony took longer.


He woke up shivering. The wind was howling around them, and he could hear rain falling on the tent. "McGee," he nudged his sleeping companion.




"I'm cold."


For a moment there was silence. Then Tony heard the sound of a zip being undone. "Unzip your sleeping bag, Tony, and move over here. That's it. We'll zip them together and share body heat."


As Tony obeyed the order and snuggled up to Tim, he decided camping wasn't bad after all.



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