Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Bored Now.

McGee finally finishes the job Gibbs had given him.

A DiNozzo & McGee centric gen story.

Written: January 2012. Word count: 500.



Be great in act as you have been in thought - Shakespeare


It was gone eight when Tim finally finished the job. He leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. His eyes stung from staring at the intricate rows of codes. He'd barely moved from his desk, pausing only long enough to visit the men's room when absolutely necessary and only once grabbing a cup of coffee - that he now realized he'd let get cold.


He was suddenly aware of someone standing in front of his desk; he opened his eyes to see Gibbs holding out a Styrofoam cup towards him. "Here, Tim."


Tim sat upright and took the proffered cup. "Thanks, boss." He took a sip, then another as he realized just how thirsty he was. "I've finished the job you gave me."


"Gathered that."


"Sorry it took so long." He winced and waited for Gibbs to tell him 'never say you're sorry'.


However, instead Gibbs just stared at him before saying quietly, "I know you did your best, Tim. Now go home."


"But, boss, I still have to -"


"I said go home, McGee." Gibbs's tone was the one no one argued with. So after taking another sip, Tim logged out, turned off his computer, stood up, grabbed his things, called 'goodnight' to Gibbs and hurried out of the squad room.


Tony had left a couple of hours before, after spending most of the day casting Tim guilty and apologetic looks. More than once, when Gibbs had left the squad room, Tony had looked as if he'd wanted to say something, but he hadn't.


Tim let himself into his apartment and headed for the bathroom to turn on the shower. A long, hot shower followed by food and a beer was what he needed. As he showered, letting the hot water pound over his body, he groaned as he realized he had nothing but cereal in the cupboards - he'd planned to go shopping on the way home. Cereal would have to do; he was too exhausted to go out again.


As he dressed, the doorbell rang. Groaning he trudged across the room. "Tony!" he exclaimed, noticing the large pizza box Tony held. "What do you want?"


"To apologize." Tony pushed past Tim before Tim could speak. "And," he said, shutting the door, "to say thanks for not snitching on me to Gibbs."


Tim shrugged. "I'd never do that." He sank down onto the couch.


"I know that," Tony said. "Look, Tim, I really am sorry. I thought I was helping. I'd never deliberately screw something up for you; you know that, don't you? At least nothing important," he added.


Tim opened his eyes and looked up at Tony. Finally for what felt like the first time that day he smiled. "Yeah, Tony," he said. "I know you wouldn't. Plates are in the cupboard, napkins next to them, cutlery in the drawer under the sink and the beer's in the fridge."


Tony grinned and gave a salute before hurrying off into the kitchen area.



To Friendship is the sequel to this story.


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