Ashleigh Anpilova


Tom Morrow seeks clarification from Gibbs about a young agent he wishes to employ.

A Gibbs and Tom Morrow gen story.

Written: March 2010. Word count: 300.






"Agent Gibbs." Director Morrow put down his pen and looked at Gibbs.


"Director Morrow. Gibbs held out a file. Director Morrow nodded towards a chair. Gibbs sat down and watched his boss.


For a moment Director Morrow glanced over the papers. Then he looked back at Gibbs. "Are you certain, Jethro?"


Gibbs had been expecting the question, but he'd hoped his boss wouldn't ask it. "Honestly, sir? No."


Surprise flashed across Director Morrow's face for a second; then it'd gone and once again his expression portrayed the calm, unflappable Tom Morrow Gibbs was used to. "In that case, may I ask why you are seeking my approval to employ," he glanced at the file; Gibbs knew it wasn't because he needed to, "Anthony DiNozzo as an NCIS agent?"


Another question Gibbs had known his boss would ask, but nonetheless had hoped he wouldn't. He swallowed. "My gut," he said.


"Ah." Director Morrow just waited.


"Okay, sir, he's brash. He's juvenile. He's got a cop's mentality and probably always will have. He'll spend as much time playing the fool as working. He's going to drive me mad. I'll ask myself every day from now until he quits, I fire him, or I retire 'why'? But, I want to give him a chance. He's got something, sir."


Director Morrow continued to look at him. "There are applicants far better qualified," he said, picking up his pen.


Gibbs nodded. "Yes, sir." he replied honestly. "There are. Did far better interviews too. Cause me far less trouble."


"But your mind is made up? You wish to employ Anthony DiNozzo?" Now Director Morrow was unscrewing the cap of his pen.


Gibbs nodded. "Yes, sir. I do."


"Very well, Jethro. I will trust your judgment." Gibbs watched as his boss signed his name on the form.



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