Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after Royals And Loyals.

Ducky is angry with a member of the team.

A Gibbs & Ducky centric gen story.

Written: October 2010. Word count: 500.



"Agent Gibbs, may I have a word with you please?"


Four heads came up at once and swiveled to look at Ducky. Gibbs hid the surprise he felt at the formal nature of Ducky's tone. "Sure, Duck."


"In your office, please, if you would be so kind." Without waiting to see if Gibbs was going to agree, Ducky turned and headed towards the elevators.


Still hiding his surprise, Gibbs followed Ducky and joined him in the elevator. The car began to move; after a second Ducky hit the emergency stop button. He turned to face Gibbs, moving nearer and nearer. The look in Ducky's eyes was flinty, his body language screamed anger; for a fleeting moment Gibbs felt intimated.


"You seem pissed, Duck."


"I am."


"Which one of the team's upset you?"




"What?" Gibbs no longer hid his surprise. "What have I done, Duck?"


Ducky glared at him. "You were completely out of line, Agent Gibbs, to insist Timothy climb into the contaminated hot tub. If you ever treat a member of your team in such a manner again, if you ever put their heath at risk so unnecessarily, I shall step in. Where matters of health are concerned I can and will countermand you. I would prefer not to have to do that in front of the team. But should you act in such an inconsiderate way again, I shall not hesitate to do so. Do you understand?"


Gibbs blinked and opened his mouth. He shut it again as he felt fury beginning to rise in him. How dare Ducky talk to him in such a manner? He was the boss, not Ducky. Talk about being out of line! Ducky was the out of line one. He'd damn well tell him so. Friendship or not -


His anger dissipated as quickly as it had arisen. Friendship gave Ducky the right. In truth Ducky's role gave him the right, but it was friendship that allowed him to exercise the right.


Gibbs sighed. "Screwed up, didn't I?"


Ducky nodded. "Yes, you did. Jethro, normally I applaud your tenacity, your determination, your drive. But there are times when you have to put them aside and consider the well being of others. Timothy could have - Well, you know that, do you not?"


Gibbs nodded. "Yeah, Duck. I do. Sorry. Won't do it again."


Ducky's whole body relaxed and his eyes twinkled in the way they usually did when he looked at Gibbs. "Well, should you do so, you know what will happen, do you not?"


Gibbs laughed. "Yeah, Duck. Guess I do."




"So am I forgiven?"


Ducky smiled. "What do you think?"


"Dinner tonight?"


Ducky beamed. "I believe that is just what the doctor ordered." He smiled again, briefly squeezed Gibbs's arm, before releasing the emergency stop button.


The elevator took them down to Autopsy. As he watched Ducky walk into his lair, Gibbs knew the day he'd met Ducky, the day they'd become friends, was the best day of his life.



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