Ashleigh Anpilova


Jimmy is tested.

A Ducky & Jimmy centric gen story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



"Well, Jimmy, the time has come." Ducky paused and looked at Jimmy expectantly, but Jimmy just stared at him.


Ducky sighed. "Ah, the youth of today," he murmured.


"I'm sorry, Doctor?"


"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. As I was saying, Jimmy, the time has come for you to perform an autopsy completely by yourself, with me watching you. And not only that, but when Jethro comes for a report of our findings, it will be you who will answer his questions. You who will tell him what you have found."


Jimmy's eyes widened and he paled. "Me?" he whispered. "Me talk to Agent Gibbs?"


Ducky smiled and patted Jimmy's arm. "Yes, Jimmy. You. I assure you, Jethro does not bite. Well at least -" He abruptly stopped speaking at the look on Jimmy's face. "I am sorry, Jimmy, I was merely trying to relax you. Jethro does not bite. Nor will he deliver a head-slap; he will treat you as he treats me."


Jimmy looked dubious. "So he knows?"


"Yes. He does. It will be fine. You will be fine." Ducky smiled encouragingly at Jimmy.


"Is this a test, Doctor?" Jimmy asked.


Ducky put his head on one side. "If you mean a test insofar as something you pass or fail, like an examination, then no. Not at all. It is simply you getting to practice your skills and thus develop them. You want to become a Medical Examiner, do you not?"


Jimmy nodded. "Yes, Doctor. Of course."


"Good. Now you have assisted me, you have begun an autopsy or two, but this one you will carry out fully by yourself. I will be here and observe, but unless you get into real difficulties I will not intervene or assist. Do you understand?"


"Yes, Doctor."


"Good boy. Now you may begin."



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