Ashleigh Anpilova


There is something Ducky really wants to know, so he persuades DiNozzo to help him find out.

A Ducky & DiNozzo centric gen story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 500.



"Ducky! We can't." Tony stared in shock at Ducky.


Ducky sighed. "Oh, come now, Anthony, where is your sense of adventure?"


"Adventure's fine, Ducky. Suicide isn't."


"Anthony! Do not talk so foolishly, nothing can go wrong."


"Yeah, right, Ducky. Only Gibbs catching us, and you know who he'll blame, don't you? Me. Not you. Me."


"But Jethro called to say he'd been held up. This is the perfect opportunity. Oh, please, Tony. Humor an old man."


"You're not old, Ducky," Tony responded, on cue.


Ducky beamed. "Why, thank you, Tony. How reassuring to hear that from you. Is that a 'yes'?"


"But why, Ducky?" Tony didnít know why he was arguing, he'd end up giving in. If for no other reason than he knew only too well if Gibbs found out Ducky'd asked him for something and he'd refused, his life would be hell from that moment until the end of his days.


"Because, Anthony, I really want to know; it's something that's puzzled me for so long. And I find that rather than dissipate, the need to discover how Jethro gets his boats out of his basement, gets more and more. So, are you going to come with me?"


Tony sighed in resignation. "Yeah, sure, Ducky. But you know, you could just ask him."


The withering look Ducky shot him, reminded Tony so much of the one Gibbs cast his way on a regular basis. "Do you really think that idea has never occurred to me?" Ducky's tone, unlike his look, was polite, albeit bordering on the edge of condescension.


Half an hour later they were in Gibbs's basement. Ducky was moving around the room, tapping walls and running his hands over them. Meanwhile Tony hovered at the bottom of the stairs; his ears straining as he listened for the sound of the car that would announce Gibbs's return.


"I was certain it had to be a case that one of his walls collapsed, thus allowing him to wheel it out. But I cannot find any evidence." Ducky sighed heavily and looked crestfallen. "Perhaps you with your younger eyes might find something?"


"Sure, Ducky." Tony wandered around the basement, tapping and feeling walls.


Twenty minutes later they stood and looked at one another. Ducky's shoulders were slumped and he looked dejected. Tony found himself silently cursing Gibbs; damn the boss, why couldn't he just tell Ducky? "Come on, Ducky," he said, I'll buy you a drink.


He headed up the stairs first and gasped in shock to see Gibbs leaning against the wall, a bottle of beer in his hand. "Bbbbboss," he managed.


"Jethro!" Ducky exclaimed as he appeared. "I can explain."


Gibbs barely spared Tony a second look as instead he turned and cast his exasperatedly fond look at Ducky. "Ah, Duck," he said, squeezing Ducky's shoulder. "Never knew it was that important to you. Come on, both of you," he added, now glancing at Tony. "Let's go and sit down, have a drink and I'll tell you."



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