Ashleigh Anpilova


Michelle has something she has to do each night.

A Michelle-centric gen story.

Written: March 2009. Word count: 200.



She lets herself into her apartment, and as she has done for the past few months calls out Amanda's name.


She knows it is a foolish thing to do. She knows Amanda will not be there, she knows Amanda cannot be there, but it is part of her routine. It is what she does every night. It is what she will do every night until the night comes when Amanda answers her.


As she expects, as she knows, no one answers her. No one is there to answer her.


Nevertheless, as she always does, she sighs before locking the door and going into her bedroom.


There on her bed, sitting on her pillow is a teddy bear. He's Amanda's teddy bear. Amanda's favorite teddy bear.


She crosses to the bed, picks the bear up and holds him. Holding him closely to her, cuddling him, just as she wishes she could hold and cuddle Amanda.


Later, once she has to give into the need for sleep, he will share her bed. Just as he has done every night since the night Amanda was taken from her. Just as he will do every night until the night Amanda is returned to her.



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