Ashleigh Anpilova


Set during the last scene in Left For Dead.

Kate is thinking about the case.

A Kate-centric gen story.

Written: January 2009. Word count: 200.



Kate sat with the blanket wrapped around her, the grazes on her head stinging, her whole body feeling shaken and bruised.


Suzanne had completely taken her in and she'd allowed it. She'd wanted to believe in Suzanne. She'd connected with her at the hospital thus allowing herself to become involved beyond the level an NCIS agent should.


Gibbs wouldn't have done so; she doubted if Tony would either. But she had. Not for the first time since joining NCIS, Kate allowed herself to wonder if she'd done the right thing.


She enjoyed the job; each case brought her a new challenge. And she liked to think she was doing a good job; it was a steep learning curve but she felt on top of it.


At least she had. Until she'd allowed herself to be taken in and used. Even now the knowledge that Suzanne had used her hurt more than the scrapes and bruises. Maybe she should try to change, try to be less -


She looked up and saw Gibbs glance her way, before turning his gaze to something else. "No," she muttered under her breath. "I won't change. If you want me to, you'll have to make me."




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