Ashleigh Anpilova


Set during Marine Down.

Kate really misses Air Force One.

A Kate-centric gen story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 200.



"God I miss Air Force One. I really miss Air Force One," Kate muttered, fighting against the swaying plane on her way to the boxes Gibbs had indicated.


Was this what she'd given up the Secret Service for? Reduced to peeing into a plastic bag because they were on a crappy plane without a bathroom? 


It was all right for Gibbs and DiNozzo they were men; it was easier. Maybe this explained why there were so few women in NCIS.


Couldn't Gibbs have told her before they'd set off? Or was this all part of her 'initiation' into NCIS?


Well if it was, she'd pass with flying colors. She was used to being a woman in a man's world. And as she'd told Gibbs, she'd earned her jock-strap. She could play office politics or gender politics or any other kind of politics Gibbs and DiNozzo threw at her.


She'd play them and she'd come out on top. Now all she had to do was trying to keep her balance and the bag in place. God, there were times when she really wished she'd been born a man.


"I really miss Air Force One," she repeated, bracing herself against the boxes.



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