Ashleigh Anpilova


Jimmy has to decide who he will ask to be his best-man.

A Jimmy-centric gen story.

Written: January 2012. Word count: 500.




Jimmy paced around his apartment; an open bottle of beer was in one hand, in the other he held his glasses. He kept getting his hands mixed up and found himself chewing his glasses more than he sipped the beer.


"Focus, Jimmy," he muttered, pulling his glasses from his mouth again. This time he put them on, or tried to. Somehow he missed getting the frames behind one ear and they tumbled to the ground. As he bent down to pick them up, he upended the beer.


After clearing the mess up he retired to the couch to continue thinking, on the grounds that he'd probably do less damage that way.


Why was it such a difficult decision? He thought it was the hardest decision he'd ever had to make - even harder than deciding to propose to Breena. It was thanks to Breena he was sitting here agonizing over his choice.


She'd been aghast when she'd asked him who was going to be his best-man and he'd told her he hadn't decided. She'd been so annoyed with him, she'd told him she wasn't going to see him again until he chosen.


Who should it be? Which of the four men he was closest to should he ask? He sighed, took a sip of beer, pulled his glasses off and put them on the table. In truth, he decided, it was only three men, because he really couldn't see himself having the nerve to approach Gibbs and ask him.


Tony would throw him a great bachelor party; so great he wasn't sure Breena would still want to marry him! Tony was fun, Tony was unpredictable, Tony was zany but at the end of the day, Jimmy wasn't sure he wanted 'fun' 'unpredictability' or 'zaniness'. Plus, he didn't want to spend the entire time worrying what Tony would say in his speech. 'Autopsy Gremlin' might be the least embarrassing thing! Yet Tony was his friend.


McGee would be solid, reliable. He wouldn't throw as awesome a bachelor party as Tony would, but at the end of it Jimmy would be confident he'd still be able to marry Breena. Plus, he wouldn't have to worry about what McGee might say during the speech. McGee and he were a lot alike, far more so than Tony and he. McGee would do a good job.


And then there was Dr. Mallard. Jimmy smiled to himself at the thought of quite what kind of bachelor party he might throw him. Then he thought about the speech and just how long it might go on for. He smiled again. But then there was the large age difference; was it too much? Would Dr. Mallard even want to be asked? Would be expect to be asked? Would he be embarrassed to be asked? Could Jimmy in all conscience ask anyone else? Did he want to ask any one else?




"Dr. Mallard," Jimmy said. "There's something I want to ask you and I won't take no for an answer."



Why Me? is the sequel to this story


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