Ashleigh Anpilova


Every day is a fight in some way for Jenny.

A Jenny-centric gen story.

Written: September 2009. Word count: 300.




Every day she'd had to fight in some way or other.


She'd had to fight for her position. She'd had to let her fellow Agency Directors know that while she was a woman and a junior director, she was not going to let them walk all over her.


She'd had to fight to gain respect within NCIS, especially from Jethro's team. She'd always known respect had to be earned, but at times she'd wished she could've ordered them to respect her. She'd never done so.


Of course they'd taken their lead from Jethro, and he didn't respect her; at least not in the way he should have done. And part of that, she knew, had been her own fault. She'd begun on the wrong foot. She'd taken decisions about his team without consulting him. She'd let their past, both professional and non-professional, slip into the present. She'd insisted he call her 'Ma'am' or 'Director' which had gained her the title 'Madam Director'. So many mistakes in so short a time.


But the fight that'd caused her the most difficulty had been the fight involving Jethro on a personal level. She'd tried not to remember Paris. She'd tried not to remember what they'd had. She'd tried not to remember what they'd done. She'd tried not to remember not just because it wasn't real (or was it?) but also because she'd made her choice then, and she cannot go back on it. Her choice led her to where she is now: Director of NCIS.


And just when she had won those battles a new one came along. And this one she knows she cannot win. Ducky had urged her to tell Jethro, but she won't. Because to do so would be to lose another fight. And she has lost too many already.



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