Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs is optimistic that he can finally let go.

A Gibbs-centric gen story.

Written: May 2010. Word count: 300.



As he ran the sander over the wood, making sure everything was smooth, Gibbs found himself humming. He was content. He was optimistic.


For some reason he knew this was it; this was the last boat he'd make; this was the last lot of wood that would be turned into a boat. He'd already named her: 'Kelly' and this one would not be burned. This one would be given to his God-daughter, given to another young girl, a young girl who would grow up and go out into the world.


And it was for that reason he was optimistic. Not just because of the pleasure he knew the wooden boat would bring to the little girl, but because with finishing it and sending it out into the world to be loved, rather than burning it, by naming it after his beloved daughter, he knew this time he was finally letting go of Kelly and Shannon.


He'd never forget them, part of him would always love them, but they would no longer be such a huge focus in his life. He'd tried to let them go before, once he had succeeded. At least he had until he'd been blown up and for a while had lost fifteen years of his life. With his memory of his past and not his present so forceful, and with other people finding out about his secret, it'd brought them back.


He'd tried again when he'd saved Maddie Tyler. He'd seen them both, his Kelly laughing, happy, telling him to go back, telling him to live again. But somehow he hadn't. But now he would.


This was it.


Nothing now could happen to bring them flooding back to him.


He was finally letting go and he could get on with his life again. He was optimistic.



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