Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after Till Death Do Us Part.

Team Gibbs has fragmented.

A Gibbs-centric gen story.

Written: June 2012. Word count: 500.



Team Gibbs had fragmented.


Gibbs had never thought it would happen. But it had. Nothing was the same any more.


Once he'd found out that DiNozzo and Ziva were, apart from some cuts and bruises, okay he had taken them into the conference room and told them in no uncertain terms exactly what he thought of their stupidity. The idea that two seasoned law enforcement personnel would be so idiotic as to take an elevator under such circumstances was beyond his comprehension.


After he'd told them what he thought of them, he told them he didn't want them on his team any longer. He didn't want, he wouldn't have, people he couldn't trust. And after what they'd done, he could no longer trust them.


He hadn't even been moved when first Ziva and then DiNozzo had tried to take the blame, saying they'd forced the other one into the elevator and they alone should be punished. In fact it had made him even angrier.


He'd left them white faced, shaking and from what he could tell close to tears and had gone straight to Vance to demand replacements. Vance hadn't tried to argue or reason with him and had even asked who Gibbs wanted to replace them. Gibbs had asked for Ned Dorneget and Nikki Jardine.


McGee had survived the injury to his neck and would be back at work very soon, shaken but at least alive and he hadn't been stupid enough to take an elevator. Yes, he'd stayed behind to copy files from the computer, but Gibbs would have expected nothing less. He was now Gibbs's new senior field agent.  


Following his heart attack the chances of Ducky ever returning to work at least on a full time basis was remote and so Palmer, who had finished Medical School that very summer, had in effect been promoted. And there was talk about employing an assistant for him - something both Palmer and Gibbs had so far resisted.


Abby had been completely unhurt, at least from the bomb. She'd hurt her wrist and ankle when Gibbs had dragged her to the ground, but other than that was fine. She'd tried to reason with Gibbs about DiNozzo and Ziva, but for once Gibbs did not given in to her.


He had two things to focus on: finding and taking down Dearing and spending as much time as he could when he wasn't at the Navy Yard with Ducky; trying to help him adjust to his more limited life and trying to lift his mood. He wasn't sure he was succeeding in either, but he had to keep trying.


He looked around the squad room, looked at his team and sighed to himself. It just wasn't the same. But, for now at least, it was what it had to be. He told himself that if Ducky did manage to get back to work full time then maybe, just maybe, he'd think about getting DiNozzo and Ziva back - or then again, maybe not.



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