Ashleigh Anpilova

Fornell is forced to admit Gibbs had warned him about Diane.
A Fornell-centric gen story.
Written: August 2008. Word count: 300.



Gibbs was right.


He had warned him about Diane.


But Fornell, by then in love (or so he'd thought) hadn't listened.


He'd thought Gibbs's tales about how she'd emptied his Bank Account when she'd left were just an exaggeration.


He'd believed, even though he'd known she'd attacked Gibbs with a seven iron, that it had been Gibbs's fault. As fond as he was of Gibbs, and he was fond, very fond not that he'd admit it, but nor would Gibbs he was a bastard.


He hadn't believed, hadn't wanted to believe, that the beautiful woman, the woman who was so attentive to him, the woman who had told him how much she loved him, how much she wanted to be with him, the woman who took him to hitherto unknown heights of passion, the woman who seemed as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, was the cold, calculating bitch Gibbs had said she was.


But he'd soon learned her beauty was only skin deep.


He'd soon leaned that she was a cold calculating bitch.


He'd soon learned that she was two faced.


But by then it had been too late; she was pregnant with Emily. Emily, his little girl, the one good thing to come out of his relationship with Diane. At least he had her; which was more than Gibbs had.


Diane had emptied his Bank Account when she'd left just as Gibbs had warned him she would - taking Emily with her. And she'd threatened him, said she wouldn't let him see Emily again if he tried anything.


So he hadn't.


And that had left him with very little. He couldn't even afford a house with more than two bedrooms.


Yes, Gibbs was right.


He had warned him about Diane.


Fornell just wishes he had listened.



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