Ashleigh Anpilova


Set during Patriot Down.

Ducky is very concerned for Gibbs.

A Ducky-centric gen story.

Written: May 2010. Word count: 300.



 "Tell me Jethro! Jethro!" As he stared at the closed elevator doors, Ducky sighed. He was shaken and extremely concerned at what had happened.


Never before in all their years of friendship had Jethro touched him with anything other than friendship, love even, so for him to pull Ducky's hand from the elevator door, had come as a shock.


"Oh, Jethro," he murmured, as he made his way back into Autopsy and sat down at his desk. "Who is doing this to you?" He didn't need to ask 'why'; that was obvious. As was what Jethro would do next. "Please don't go, Jethro," he said to the empty room, knowing as he spoke the words, that Jethro would go to Mexico.


Mexico, why had it all come back to haunt Jethro? And what would the outcome be? Not a pessimistic man by nature, Ducky nonetheless had no doubt at all the outcome would not be a positive one. One way or another, Jethro would pay for what he did almost twenty years ago. Ducky just hoped that his dearest, closest friend did not pay with his life.


He wished he could follow him; wished there was something he could do to help. But he was an elderly Medical Examiner; there was nothing he could do. Besides, Jethro had made it clear he didn't want Ducky's help. Or had it been more a case of being desperate to keep Ducky safe?


Lara Macy was dead because she'd known what Jethro had done. Did Jethro fear the same fate might befall Ducky? Was that part of the reason he'd been so panicked? Was that why he'd pulled Ducky's hand from the elevator and fled?


Ducky sighed again. "Please come back, Jethro," he whispered, before he opened a file and began to read.



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