Ashleigh Anpilova


Set during Bloodbath.

DiNozzo is envious.

A DiNozzo-centric gen story.

Written: March 2009. Word count: 200.



"It's a very nice calendar, boss," he says, hastily putting it back on McGee's desk.


He tries to keep his voice light, he tries to smile, but inside he's hurting. Inside he's getting angry. Inside the envy is starting to consume him.


Gibbs, the boss, his boss, the man he's worked for, with, for five years, gave McGee a gift. Why? Why McGee?


He tries to push away the little voice that says 'why not me'?


Gibbs never has given him a gift. Never. Not once. Sure he'd given Ducky and Abby gifts, Tony knew that and it'd never bothered him. Ducky and Abby were different; they had a different relationship with Gibbs than the field team.


But McGee. McGee who had been on the team for such a short time, five minutes really, no more. McGee who was still green behind the ears, who was still Probie in more ways than one, who was brilliant in many ways and yet unskilled in others. McGee had been given a gift.


McGee had been given a gift by Gibbs.


Gibbs had given McGee a gift.


It wasn't fair!

If Gibbs had to give anyone a gift, it should have been him.



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