Ashleigh Anpilova


Tony is tired of the never-ending circle of his life.

A DiNozzo-centric gen story.

Written: February 2012. Word count: 500.




One morning Tony woke up and realized he'd had enough of the relentless, endless circle of what he laughingly called 'his life'.


For the best part of twenty years he'd been involved in law enforcement; he'd been a cop, actual or navy, when it came down to it it was all the same. The bad guy committed the crime; he solved it; caught the bad guy; did the paperwork; hoped the jury would convict and moved on to the next crime; the next bad guy; the next capture; the next lot of paperwork; the next hope for conviction.


It was a never ending circle; one a cop couldn’t hope to win. Because no matter how many cops there were, no matter how many hours a day they worked, no matter how many dates they had to cancel, special events they had to miss, lunches that were eaten on the run, at their desks or at dinner time not lunch time, no matter how much of themselves they gave, no matter how committed and dedicated they were, it was never going to be enough. The criminals would always out number the good guys.


He could understand why some of the good guys went bad; how after years of working long hours in crummy conditions, of giving up so much for so little, some good guys decided to go for an easier life. He could understand it now. There had been a time in his life when he couldn't, when he'd thought he'd never understand how a good cop could go bad, but now he could. The circle defeated them.


Well he was going to get out before it defeated him. Twenty years was long enough to devote to something he's still not certain he went into for the right reasons. He'd stayed because it seemed easier than getting out and doing something else, and he'd stayed because he'd really believed he could make a difference.


But now he knows he can't, not really, not a true difference. He's turned forty and he's tired; he's tried of being tired all the time. He's tired of not being to have a real social life. Sure he screws countless waitresses, veterinarians and other hot blooded women, but he's even tired of that endless circle.


NCIS has changed since he joined them and would change even more. It wouldn't be long before Gibbs had to retire and Tony was sure Ducky would go at the same time. McGee seemed to be enjoying the computer side of case solving more and more than actual field work and once Gibbs and Ducky went, Tony wasn't sure Abby'd stay around.


His dad had set up a new company and while there'd been a time Tony wouldn't have dreamed of working with his dad, now he was beginning to think it made sense.


Never one for spending too long musing over things, he grabbed the phone. "Dad? About the partnership you offered me. I hope your spare room's empty."



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