Ashleigh Anpilova


Tony is facing a new start.

A DiNozzo-centric gen story.

Written: February 2011. Word count: 400.



 Tony dressed carefully for his last day at NCIS.


He chose his best suit, his smartest dress shirt, his favorite and most expensive tie. He shaved more closely than he usually did and spent twice as long in the bathroom than he normally did. He even shined his shoes until they gleamed.


As he stared in the mirror and smoothed his hair down making sure it was just so, he thought about his decision to quit NCIS and how he really felt now that his last day had arrived. Partly to his surprise he didn't feel any sorrow or regret.


In fact he felt just the opposite. He felt happy and alive; he was ready for the new challenge. He was ready for a change. He was ready to begin his new life.


For the last four years he'd made a New Year's resolution that if he hadn't been offered another chance to lead his own team, he'd quit NCIS and move on, go back to being a cop and become the best detective out there.


For the last four years the months had come and gone, the seasons had changed, Christmas had been celebrated, New Year's Eve had arrived and he'd still been with NCIS. Still there, still on Gibbs's team, still doing the same job, getting bored, stagnating, finding more reasons to act the fool, more reasons to piss Gibbs off, more reasons to tease McGee and Ziva, more reasons to waste time, more reasons to be negative and not positive.


But this year was different. This year he hadn't even waited to see if he'd get an offer of his own team. This year he'd gone to see Vance on January 2nd and had quit; it didn't even bother him that Vance hadn't tried to persuade him to stay, hadn't offered him the incentive of his own team. In fact he realized now, as he checked his teeth were breakfast free, that even if Vance had offered, he'd have rejected it again.


It was time he moved on. It was way past time he moved on. With one final flick of his hair, he grabbed his coat, cell phone, wallet, and for the last time his NCIS badge and gun and headed for the door of his apartment.


This was it. A new beginning. A new year. A new start. A new life. A new Anthony DiNozzo.



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