Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after the end of Season Eight.

Tony and Ziva talk about wishes.

A first time story.

Written: March 2011. Word count: 500.




Tony tapped his fingers on the steering wheel; his beats got louder and faster, until Ziva reached over and smacked his hand. He sighed, put his hands on his thighs and leaned back in his seat. He was bored; their car had broken down and they were waiting for the break-down truck to come and get them.


He glanced out of the window, but there was nothing to look at. He'd already suggested eye spy, but had given up after Ziva had demanded to know the purpose of the game. Suddenly he had an idea. "I know. Let's makes wishes. You go first," he said brightly.


Ziva turned to look at him. "What?"


"Make a wish. Come on, Ziva. Even you must have wishes."


"I wish you would stop quoting movies all the time," she said calmly, turning away from him.


"Hah" That's not what you'd wish for," he said.


She looked back at him. "How do you know?"


"Because the corner of your left eye twitches when you lie."


"It does not."


"It does." Tony spoke firmly.


Ziva stared at him for a moment, then glanced away. "Wishes are for children", she said softly.


He put his hand on hers, expecting her to pull away, but she didn't. "Make a wish, Ziva," he repeated his voice low. "I won't tell anyone," he added.


She glanced down at their joined hands, before looking up at him. "You cannot keep a secret," she said, her gaze unblinking.


"I can," was all he said. "When it really matters, I can."


She frowned a little and then again looked down at their joined hands. "Very well, if only to shut you up. I wish that Michael, Jeanne, Ray and E. J. had never happened. I wish Somalia had not occurred. I wish we could go back to a time when we had a chance to," she paused for a moment before adding, "get to know one another better." Once again she turned away from him.


Tony was silent for a moment or two, thinking about what she'd said. He hadn't expected such depth, such honesty. He'd expected something far less personal.


Before he could speak she looked back at him, tugged her hand from his and said her voice flat, "I told you wishes were for children."


He pointedly took her hand again, relieved and surprised when she didn't pull away. "I can't turn back time, Ziva, not even for you. But why can't we take that chance now?"


She shook her head. "Because it is too late."


He cupped her chin with his other hand. "Is it?" he whispered.


"Yes." However, as she said the single word he noticed a very faint twitch in the corner of her left eye. Before he could call her on it, however, she spoke again. "Besides, even if it were not too late, you would never break one of Gibbs's rules."


"Wouldn't I?" he whispered, leaning across the small gap that separated them and kissing her.



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