Ashleigh Anpilova


Tony kisses Ziva for the first time.

A first time story.

Written: November 2009. Word count: 300.




He'd been five minutes early; she'd been ready. Her dress was red; her dark hair tumbled over her shoulders; her perfume was exotic.


He'd held the car door open for her; she'd laughed and asked if he'd been taking lessons from Ducky. His face must have betrayed him as she'd quickly touched his hand and apologized. Her touch had been warm, soft.


Their dinner had been perfect. The restaurant had been one he hadn't been to before; he hadn't wanted to take her anywhere he'd taken anyone else. The food and wine had been sublime, not that he could remember what he'd eaten or drunk, he'd been too caught up in watching her, listening to her.


He'd driven her home and she'd invited him in. And there they were inside her apartment; she'd taken off her coat and shoes, and had put some soft, mellow music on. Several lamps lit the room; he felt at home.


She held out her hand; he moved towards her and took her into his arms. He was going to do it; he was going to kiss her for the first time. Strictly speaking it wasn’t their first kiss, they'd kissed when posing as husband and wife assassins, but that didn't count.

He pulled her towards him a little more, enjoying the way her arms slid around his neck. Her scent infiltrated his nostrils and enticed him. Without her shoes on, she was several inches shorter than him, and he had to bend his head to put his mouth on hers.


It was sweet, tender, intense, moving and addictive. One kiss wouldn't be enough; he knew that. No amount of kisses would be enough. But he knew, no matter how often he kissed her, he'd always remember, always be able to recall, their first kiss.



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