Ashleigh Anpilova


Tim plays matchmaker.

A pre-het story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 200.



"McGee, what are you doing?"


"Nothing." McGee glanced at her; he looked guilty.


"Yes, you are." Ziva leaned over him and looked at the screen. "Baseball?" she asked. "But you do not like baseball, do you?"


McGee shook his head. "Not really. But Tony does."




"Yes. And this is his favorite team."


"But why are you buying tickets for Tony's favorite team?"


"It's his birthday soon."




"So I'm giving him two tickets as a gift."


"You are going to go to a baseball match with Tony?" Ziva sounded surprised.


McGee looked at her. "No, Ziva," he said quietly. "You are."


She blinked. "Me? But why would I -" His look silenced her. "How do you know?"


He shrugged. Then said, "I am a trained Federal Agent, Ziva."


She glanced away from him. "But how do you know Tony will want to go to a baseball match with me?"


He looked at her. "I know."


"But -"


"Ziva. You know even better than I do how short life is. I've lost co-workers, Kate, Paula, Director Shepard, Michelle. But you've lost far more. You have to take a chance, Ziva. You know that."


"But -" Then said, her tone soft, "Thank you, Tim." 



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