Ashleigh Anpilova


A kind of sequel to Never Again.

Despite the vow he made, Tony realizes he's been given a second chance to love.

A pre-het story.

Written: October 2009. Word count: 300.



He can't believe it.


He can't believe he feels this way.


He hadn't intended to. Eighteen months ago he'd vowed 'never again'.


Never again would he love; fall in love; really care.


He'd never believed he'd find anyone he cared about in the way he'd cared about Jeanne.


He'd never believed he'd want to fall in love again. To love anyone in the way he'd loved Jeanne.


He'd believed that kind of love came only once in a lifetime.


Now he knows he'd been wrong.


There is someone he cares about; cares about deeply. Someone he's falling in love with; someone he's loved, albeit it as a co-worker and friend, for some time.


The co-worker bit makes it difficult, with Gibbs's Rule #12. But if he's learned anything it's: life's too short for worries about minor rules.


He smiles to himself as he realizes for the first time in eight years, what Gibbs might think isn't of any great importance to him. The worst thing Gibbs can do is to throw him off the team or out of NCIS, and if he does that, he does. It won't be the end of the world.


You can't let love, you can't let a chance of happiness and a future slip by, because of one man's rules.


He loves her. He really loves her. He, Anthony DiNozzo, loves Ziva David. Even thinking it makes him smile inside.


He looks across at her and makes another vow: he's not going to rush this. He's not going to buy her dinner and then take her to bed. He's going to do it properly; he's going to court her. He loves her that much.


Not many people get one chance at such love, but to get two . . . There's no way he'd going to blow it.



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