Ashleigh Anpilova


Abby talks to Ziva about McGee and her feelings for him.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2011. Word count: 500.




Ziva exited the cubicle to find Abby washing her hands or rather she found Abby standing staring into space with the water running into the sink. "Abby."


"Oh, hey, Ziva," Abby jumped slightly and put her hands under the water.


Ziva turned on the faucet and began to wash her own hands. "Is something wrong?"


Abby shrugged and nodded. "It's Tim."


Ziva glanced at her. "McGee? What is wrong with him?"


"Nothing. I mean, not as far as I know. It's just," Abby paused and turned the faucet off. "You know I went out with Cade, don't you?"


Ziva nodded. "Yes."


"Well, Tim didn't like it and I thought - It doesn't matter." Abby grabbed a paper-towel and began to dry her hands.


"You thought?"


"That he might . . . Oh, Ziva, I want him back." Abby said the last few words very softly.


Ziva took a paper-towel herself and began to dry her hands. "Why did you break up in the first place?"


Abby shrugged. "It was me. He liked me, he really liked me and I -"


"Did not like him?"


"No! I did. I do. But I . . ."


"Was scared of commitment?" Ziva asked quietly.


Abby nodded. "Yeah. But that was years ago; it'd be different now; I'd be different. I don't like him seeing other girls. I never have. Is he still seeing that on-line gamer?"


Ziva thought back to when Tony had asked McGee the same question and McGee's reaction. "No," she said thoughtfully, "I do not believe he is."


Abby smiled but then became somber again. "But if he isn't, why didn't he say anything rather than just act jealous?"


"Why do you not say anything rather than just . . ." Ziva trailed off and smiled gently.


Abby gave her a quick grin. "But even if we did want to get back together, we couldn't."


"Why not?"


"Gibbs. Look how he's behaving over Tony and EJ."


Ziva thought for a moment. "I do not think Gibbs would mind you and McGee being together."


Abby shrugged. "Maybe not, but -" Then she glanced at Ziva's watch. "Ooh, I must go." And before Ziva could say anything she ran out of the bathroom.



"Night, all," McGee said, standing up.


"McGee," Ziva called. "I promised Abby I would lend her this book for tonight. However, this report is going to take me hours to finish. As you are leaving, perhaps you could take it to her?"


McGee paused for a second, then he nodded. "Sure, Ziva," he said.


"Thank you."


McGee grinned, grabbed his stuff and the book and left.


"Matchmaking, are we, Agent David?" Tony grinned at her.


Before Ziva could reply, EJ appeared. "Ready, Tony?"


"Huh? Oh, yeah." Tony touched her hand. Out of the corner of her eye Ziva saw Gibbs pointedly avoid looking at them. "See you in the morning, Ziva."


Ziva nodded and returned to the report she did not need to finish. She hoped Abby and McGee would get back together; someone on the team deserved to be happy.



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