Ashleigh Anpilova


Abby goes to see the doctor and is more than a little shocked by the news.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 500.




Emily hurried into the room. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. and Mrs. McGee. But I -" She stared at the couple. Flustered, she sought for something to say.


The woman beat her to it. "I'm Abby McGee; this is Ducky. Tim couldn't make it."




"Dr. Mallard. I work with both Abigail and Timothy."


"And he's our friend," Abby said. "Look, Tim wanted to be here, but at the last minute there was a case. He's a Federal Agent. So I asked Ducky to come instead. Is that a problem?"


"Abigail." Dr. Mallard spoke firmly, but quietly.


Emily hastened to reassure Abby. "No, of course not, Mrs. McGee. Forgive me, two of my coworkers called in sick and I've had to cover their patients. I haven't stopped all day." She smiled; after a moment, Abby smiled too.


"Let's see how baby is doing, shall we?" Emily squirted gel onto Abby's stomach and gently rubbed the transducer over it while looking at the monitor. No matter how busy she was, this was the part she always enjoyed; seeing a new human life for the first time. "You may not find it easy to see at first; most people don't. But if you look here you'll see - Oh!"


"What is it?" Dr. Mallard asked the question; his tone, previously mild and friendly, was brusque. Emily noticed he had one hand on Abby's shoulder and was holding her hand with the other.


"It's nothing to worry about, really it isn't. Mrs. McGee, you're going to have twins."



"Twins?" Tim said for the fifth time.


"Yes, Timmy. Twins. See." Abby held out the picture.


Tim squinted at it. He turned it this way and that, before sighing and handing it back. "I'm sorry, Abby, I can't see anything. It just looks like blobs to me."


She giggled and threw herself into his arms. "Don't tell anyone, especially Ducky, but I can't either."


He hugged her. "I do love you, Mrs. McGee."


"I know." She kissed him. After a moment or two she broke the kiss and looked at him. "We've got a problem," she said.


"I know." He sighed, took her hand and led her to the couch. "One baby in this apartment would've been just about manageable to begin with. But two . . ."


"What are we going to do, Tim?"



"Ducky, we can't possibly accept -"


"Yes, Timothy, Abigail, you can. And you are going to. I have no biological children, so you two plus Jimmy, Anthony and Ziva are my children. And parents look after their children."


"But, Ducky, it's -"


"A small price to pay to ensure the health and happiness of my surrogate children and grandchildren. Now, we'll hear no more about it. The house is yours, I've already bought it." Ducky spoke firmly, using the tone no one (not even Jethro) argued with.


Abby and Tim looked at one another. Then as one they said, "Thank you, Ducky."


The next second Ducky found himself being hugged tightly by the McGees.



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