Ashleigh Anpilova


When Tim and Abby are together, nothing is impossible.

An established relationship story.

Written: December 2007. Word count: 200.



Gibbs knows when Abby and McGee get together anything is possible.


For either of them to say that something was impossible, would simply be unacceptable.


There is nothing they cannot achieve together.


Nothing they cannot do.


He watches them; heads close together, trying to crack the passwords that will help him solve the murder.


He doesn't say anything; he just watches them.


Abby; his Abby; his beloved surrogate daughter; eight months pregnant, but still willing to come in when he asks.


McGee; Abby's husband; the man he handed her over to; the man he trusts to look after her; to love her.


Both of them; completely wrapped up in what they're doing; thinking as one, acting as one; knowing they will succeed.


"We've got it, boss."


Gibbs always knew they would.


Not to have done so would have been impossible, unacceptable.




"I can't, boss. It's impossible."


"Yes, you can, Tim. You have to."


"But she's in so much pain."


"Know that, Tim. But she needs you. And you don't want to miss it."


"But, boss."


Gently, but firmly, Gibbs pushes McGee back into the delivery room.


Gibbs knows he'll stay there now.


Not to do so will be impossible, unacceptable.



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