Ashleigh Anpilova


Abby and Tim take the twins to an amusement park for their birthday treat. Tim has to face one of his fears.

An established relationship story.

Written: June 2008. Word count: 300.



"Please, Daddy."


Tim swallowed hard. He could feel the ice creeping into his veins as he stared up at the ride the twins wanted to go on.


It really wasn't that high; just high enough. Although he'd gotten better over the years, he was still phobic about heights.


"You promised me and Benny could chose one ride."


"Benny and I." The correction came automatically.


Even the way Tommy rolled his eyes and repeated the words correctly failed to quell the ice inside Tim.


Abby slipped her hand into his. "I'll take them on my own," she said softly.


He was about to agree, when he realized this was his family. This was Tommy and Benny's birthday, and he had promised. He could do this.


He squeezed Abby's hand and shook his head. "No, Abby," he said. "We'll all go."


He managed to smile through his chill as the twins bounced happily.


A few minutes later they were up in the air and suddenly stopped. The ice began to form even more thickly as Tim glanced at Abby, but she was unconcerned and just smiled at him.


"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," Tommy cried, clutching his hand. "I want to go down. I don't like it, Daddy. I'm frightened."


Tim gathered his shaking and crying son into his arms and felt the ice begin to melt as he realized he had to quell his own fear. He had to for Tommy's sake. "It's all right, Tommy. I'm here, Mommy's here and Benny's here; nothing's going to hurt you. Everything will be all right."


"Pppromise, Daddy?"


"Yes, Tommy, I promise." Tim kissed the top of Tommy's head.


And it would be. Sure his phobia hadn't vanished completely, but he'd quelled the worst of it, and the family was together. Everything would be all right.



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