Ashleigh Anpilova


Tim gets woken up early one morning.

An established relationship story.

Gibbs/Ducky as a couple are also implied in this story.

Written: December 2007. Word count: 250.



"Daddy. Wake up."


The persistent prodding and small, but determined, voice pulled Tim from his slumbers. By his side Abby slept peacefully.


"What is it, Tommy? Are you ill?"


His son shook his head. "No, Daddy. It's snowing. Come on."


Knowing better than to argue, Tim slid out of bed and allowed Tommy to pull him across the room.


"Look." Tommy's voice was full of awe, as they stared out into a white, peaceful world.


Despite the earliness of the hour, Tim smiled at his son's happiness. He put his arm around him, and they watched the large flakes tumble down onto the already thick white carpet. "It's beautiful, Tommy," he said. Then something hit him. "Where's Benny?"


Tommy beamed. "He's calling Uncle Jethro and Uncle Ducky. They're going to help us build a snowman."


"What?" Tim glanced at the hall clock; it wasn't even 6:00 a.m. He groaned silently. "But Tommy, it's very early."


The little boy just looked at him. "They won't mind, Daddy," he said solemnly. Then he added, his voice suddenly very small, "They promised."


Before Tim could speak, Benny came racing along the hall. "They're coming. They're coming. Hello, Daddy. Uncle Jethro says to tell you to put the coffee on. Come on Tommy, let's go and wake Mummy."


Smiling, Tim stood and watched his twin sons race off.


Then he turned around and hurried off to the kitchen. Gibbs might be retired and thus no longer his boss, but Tim still obeyed his orders.



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