Ashleigh Anpilova


Set some thirty-odd years in the future.

Abby is considering her body.

An established relationship story.

Written: February 2008. Word count: 200.




At twenty tats had been fun.


At thirty they'd been cool.


At forty they'd still been okay.


At fifty At fifty Abby had started to wear high neck blouses and sweaters, pulling the sleeves down over her hands.


At sixty . . .


Tim finds his wife of thirty years, standing in their bedroom staring into the mirror. Tears are in her eyes. Her body is naked of clothes, yet covered in tats.


"Why, Tim?" she asks softly, meeting his gaze in the glass. "Why did I do it?"


He looks at her nakedness, which to him is still beautiful, and moves nearer to her. He kisses her neck, her wrists, her fingers, her back, her breasts, and moves down to her stomach, no longer flat and firm in the way it had been the first time they'd made love.


"You're still beautiful to me, Abby," he says softly. And she is.


"I want to get rid of them," she says. "All of them. I want my body to be like that of any other sixty year old."


Tim doesn't tell her it wouldn't be. It couldn't be. Instead he begins to research how, indeed if, so many tattoos can be safely removed.



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