Ashleigh Anpilova


Abby is waiting for Tim to come home.

An established relationship story.

Written: February 2009. Word count: 300.



It's midnight and he isn't home.


He'd promised he would be home by midnight so they could celebrate the beginning of the twins first birthday together.


It's not as though he's in the field now. He's safe in the office, working on a project for Gibbs.


That's why he's not home. That's why he's broken his promise: Gibbs. For a fleeting second she hates Gibbs.


Just for once she wishes Tim would put her and the twins before work; before Gibbs.


She knows she's being irrational. But she doesn't care.


She knows it doesn't really matter; the twins are asleep. Anyway they won't know one day from another. But she doesn't care.


She only cares that Tim, her husband, the father of her babies, is not where he should be.


One day out of three hundred and sixty-five, was it so much to ask for?


One day. One night. If Tim had gotten home by midnight, would chaos have set in?


No. Just Leroy Jethro Gibbs, pissed off because his 'pet' geek wasn't around.


"Damn you, Gibbs. Damn you, Tim."


"I'm quite certain that is not an appropriate sentiment, my dear Abigail."


She spins. "Ducky? How . . . ?" She feels the color vanish from her face. "Oh, no. No. Ducky. No." She's sure there's only one reason Ducky's here. "Tim?" she breathes the word.


"I'm here, Abby." Tim gathers her into his arms.


"Don't blame Tim, Abbs. It's my fault he's late. Damn car got a puncture."


She looks up and sees Gibbs Tony, Ziva and Jimmy all smiling, all holding presents and carry-out cartons.


Suddenly it doesn't matter it's now ten minutes past midnight, that Tim has broken his promise, because the family are together. On cue the sound of two babies crying in synchrony drifts in from the nursery.



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