Ashleigh Anpilova


Tim wonders if he's blown it with Abby.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 300.



It had been a great evening, the coffee house was full, but not over full, the poetry had been good.


They'd talked, let their fingers flirt; she'd smiled at him, gazed into his eyes, listened intently. She'd even seemed to like his poem.


They were both drinking double espressos, they seemed completely in synch. He took another swallow of the hot liquid, put his cup down and looked at her. "I really, really like you, Abby."


He waited.


He waited a little longer


Finally, she said, "Thanks."


His heart sank; he'd blown it. He'd got the signals wrong. She didn't like him; at least not in the way he liked her. Sure she was here with him tonight, and he hadn't been certain she liked poetry. And the fact she was there, plus the way she'd been had made him think . . . But he'd been wrong.


Embarrassed now, not sure what to do or what to say, he ordered another couple of coffees and fell silent, looking away from her and 'pretending' he was concentrating on the latest reading.


The first couple of hours had gone by like minutes, but the last dragged so much, it felt like an entire day.


Finally, the last poetry reader finished and to a smattering of applause sat down.


A few minutes later, Tim drained his cup, saw Abby's was empty and stood up. He hadn't spoken to her since he'd made a fool of himself.


But then as they reached the door, he knew he couldn't leave without saying something. "Where's our relationship going?"


She stared at him. "Um, why does it have to go anywhere? Why canít we just enjoy whatís happening now?"


So that was it. "Fine, whatever," he said. "I'll call you."


"You should. That'd be good." She smiled at him.



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