Ashleigh Anpilova


Tim suspects there are things about Abby he might prefer not to know.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2008. Word count: 200.



Tim was alone in Abby's apartment. One of the Sisters had called and Abby had gone to help.


He'd offered to go with her, but she'd declined.


He knew why.


Turning up at the convent with a man would 'encourage' the Sisters to talk about marriage, and he knew she wasn't ready for that step yet.


He wandered around her apartment, looking at her latest pieces of 'art', pulling the duvet up over the bed.


His attention was drawn to a chest of drawers; one she'd never opened in his presence.


He suspected he knew why.


More than a little tipsy one evening, she'd made what he'd taken to be a joking suggestion that he handcuff her.


The next day he'd realized it hadn't been a joke. Somewhere in Abby's past he suspected she'd enjoyed some kind of bondage.

He couldn't imagine she'd actually liked anyone hurting her, but maybe a little tying up, restraining; mild stuff.


He'd never asked her though. And he never would.


He'd do anything he could to make her happy, but those kinds of games weren't for him.


Not asking was better for them both.


There were, after all, plenty of things they both enjoyed. 



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