Ashleigh Anpilova


Set during Sub Rosa.

McGee thinks about getting a tattoo.

A pre-het story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



He hovers outside the shop, glancing around him to see if anyone is watching him. Not that anyone would know him, not here, not in this town. But even though he knows that, he still looks around him.


He's still not sure why he's there, staring through the window, giving consideration, giving serious consideration, to going inside.


It's not his kind of thing. It's not anything he's ever thought about doing. Quite the opposite in fact. But ever since he'd spoken to Abby, ever since DiNozzo had told him she would only be interested in him if he got a tattoo, he's started to think about the possibility of getting one.


He's researched it, looking at the chances of something going wrong, of it becoming infected or him being allergic to the dye. The latter is rare, but knowing the luck he has, he'll be one of the few who does react badly.


The shop he is standing by is well known, it is state registered, it is as safe as any could be. But could he do it? Does he want to do it? Was he doing it for the right reasons? Or was he doing it just to try to impress a girl he has only spoken to and not actually met? Does he believe DiNozzo when he'd said she wouldn't be interested in him if he hadn't got one?


He can't do it. He knows that now. Not until he's at least met Abby. Then maybe he will.


And yet . . .


Suddenly he sees a sign, smaller but clear, for 'Temporary Tattoos'. He smiles; that's what he'll do. After all they're only having lunch together; she won't see it. But if she asks, he can tell her he has one.


He pushes open the door and goes inside.



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