Ashleigh Anpilova


Abby and Tim have a baby girl, but all is not well.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 300.




Abby and Tim called her their little angel.


Ducky called her a diamond, explaining that diamonds were the hardest kind of stone and tended to survive. Evangelina McGee would survive.


But for once Ducky's words hadn't comforted. Ducky was an amazing doctor, but he wasn't a pediatrician. The doctors warned Abby and Tim the chances of little, angelic Evie, born far too soon, surviving were very slim.


But the hospital wasn't counting on the family. Never for one second was Evie alone. The family made certain at least one person was always watching her, talking to her.


They all brought her gifts; things that in the most part were unsuitable for a new born, especially such a premature new born. But they were gifts that represented the giver.


Ziva, not an orthodox Jew, but nonetheless of the faith, found her a tiny Star Of David.


Gibbs carved her a miniature boat and promised her when she was well, he'd take her out in the boat he was naming after her.


Tony's gift was a book on 'must-see' movies for children.


Jimmy, to everyone's surprise, recorded a tape of lullabies. No one had known Jimmy had such a fine voice.


Ducky didn't leave a gift, because Ducky spent even more time than the McGees by Evie's side. As such, Ducky's gift was he never ran out of stories to tell her.


Evie's older twin brothers sent Evie their favorite belongings. The only time Abby cried was when Tommy had given her his comfort blanket, saying his baby sister needed it more.


As each day went by, Evie grew a little stronger, until the day came when Abby and Tim took their little angel home.


The hospital staff called it a miracle. But Ducky knew it was because Evie was a diamond.



Her First Outing is the sequel to this story.


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