Ashleigh Anpilova


Ziva gives Abby some advice.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 300.



"Abby, what is the matter?"


"Nothing," Abby replied, far too quickly.


"Yes, there is, Abby," Ziva said firmly. "Why do you not tell me?"


Abby looked at her and frowned. "Why would I do that?"


"Because you have told me more than once that sharing a problem can help."


"I have?"


Ziva nodded. "Yes."


"Oh. Well, okay, but don't say anything. Promise?"


"I promise."


"It's her." Abby nodded in the direction of one of the new NCIS agents.


Ziva followed her gaze. "What has she done to upset you?"


"It's not what she'd done, it's what she is."


"I do not understand."


Abby sighed. "Ziva she's perfect."


"Abby, no one is perfect." Ziva paused and glanced around her, before leaning her head a little closer to Abby's. "Not even Gibbs." She smiled.


For a fraction of a second, Abby's lips twitched. "But Special Agent Tomasina Megan O'Hannah is. Even her name's perfect!"


"Abby, a name cannot be perfect."


"Maybe not. But everything else is. Her shooting is wonderful, you told me yourself she out-shot you. She got the highest grades at training school. She can decode faster than I can. She plays on-line games. She writes in her spare time. She's got a double masters degree, she went to MIT and Johns Hopkins. She's -"


"Ah," Ziva said."


"What's 'ah' meant to mean?"


"You think she is McGee's type, do you not?"


"No. Yes. Oh, Ziva she's everything he likes. She's smart, she's beautiful, she's witty, she hasn't got tats all over her body. She's -"


"Not you."




"She is not you, Abby. You are the person McGee loves."


"Maybe he did until she came along," Abby scowled.


"Abby, may I give you some advice?"


"I guess."


"Tell McGee how you feel."


"About her?"


Ziva sighed. "No, Abby, about him."


She's Not You is the sequel to this story.


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