Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Vagaries Of The Young.

Abby ponders on what Ducky said to her and suddenly has an epiphany.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2008. Word count: 200.




Abby watched Tim and the girl.


Her chat with Ducky hadn't helped; instead it'd made her more blue.


Maybe he was too old to understand.


That thought depressed her more. Of course Ducky wasn't too old.


Instead he was right.


She knew it.


But knowing it changed nothing.


She still couldn't tell Tim how she felt.


That really made her feel blue.


She might as well go home.


About to leave, she looked at them again. Suddenly it was as though she was looking at one of Ducky's x-rays. She saw Tim and the girl.


Or rather she saw Tim and some girl, some girl who wasn't her, in the future.


She knew with startling clarity if she didn't follow Ducky's advice, she would lose Tim.


She ran across to them and grabbed Tim's arm. "I have to talk to you, Tim. Now." Before he could reply, she dragged him away.




"Shut-up. Tim, I love you."


She waited.


But he said nothing.


"Well?" she demanded.


"I'm waiting for you to add 'as a friend' or 'like a puppy'."


Relief surged through her. "Oh, no," she said, pulling him into her arms. "Definitely not like a puppy." She kissed him.



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