Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Zeal For Life.

It's Tim and Abby's wedding day.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 500.




"Why?" Tony asked, trying to shake sand from his shoe.


"Abby wanted it."


Tony rolled his eyes. "Trust Abby to be different."


Tim frowned. "Huh?"


"Well, most pregnant women get cravings for pickles and chocolate or strawberry jam and fries or cheese and peas or . . . Well, you know. But Abby craves getting married on the beach."


"You seem to have a lot of experience with pregnant women, Tony. Is there something you haven't told us?" Tim looked at his best man.


"What? Hell, no. It's just one of those things you see in movies."


"As I've told you more than once, Tony, life isn't like the movies."


"You mean Abby hasn't had any weird cravings? The whole married on the beach thing aside," Tony added quickly.


Against his will, Tim felt his face flush. "Um."


"She has! Come on then McDaddy, tell."


"Tell what?"


"Ziva, I've told you before about sneaking up on people!"


"I was not sneaking, Tony. It is just that sand does not make a noise. You both look very," she paused for a moment then said, "handsome."


Tim smiled. "Thanks, Ziva. You look lovely. That's a beautiful dress."


"Abby helped me choose it. Hers is also lovely."


"Is it? Abby wouldn't show me," Tim said.


"Well, you will see for yourself very shortly. Gibbs and Abby have arrived, that is what I came to tell you."


"How did you get here?" Tony asked.


"With Ducky. Who also looks extremely handsome."


"Ziva. Don't tell me you're - Hey, Ducky."


"Anthony, Timothy. I'm glad to see you both here and properly attired. Now, Jimmy has arrived with the Minister, so I think it's time we took our places." Ducky smiled at them all.


"I shall go to Abby." And with that, Ziva turned and, moving as elegantly as she did at all times, made her way across the sand.


In turn Ducky went to join Jimmy and the Minister.


Tony looked at Tim. "Last chance, McGeek." He put his hands on Tim's shoulders.


"For what, Tony?"


"For backing out. Of course if you do, Gibbs'll kill you. Unless Ducky does first. Or me. And don't forget Ziva. And Ducky's trained Palmer well."


"Tony, what are you going on about?" Tim asked.


Tony shrugged. "Sorry. Just trying to say . . . Well, you know."


Tim nodded. "Yes, Tony, I do. Thanks."


"Come on, then."


Gibbs, also dressed formally, led Abby, with Ziva behind them to where Tim, flanked by Tony stood. Gibbs handed Abby over to Tim and after kissing her cheek, went, along with Ziva, to stand with Ducky and Palmer.


The ceremony was short and perfectly fitting for Abby and Tim. They'd written their own vows, and the music came from the sound of the ocean and birds and distant cries of children enjoying the summer's day.


As the Minister pronounced them man and wife and Tim gently kissed Abby and the team gathered around, Tim mused it really had been the most perfect day - and it wasn't yet over.



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