Ashleigh Anpilova


Abby makes a discovery and has to make some choices.

An established relationship story.

Written: January 2008. Word count: 200.




Abby stared at the stick daring it, like the others, to turn blue.


It dared to. Not only that, it even said 'pregnant'.


She sighed.


It was time she admitted six tests couldn't be wrong.


There was no escaping from the fact: she was pregnant. By Tim.


It was time she accepted what she'd known for days.


It was time she made some decisions.


Did she keep it or get rid of it?


Did she tell Tim it was his or not?


And if she did tell him, did she want him involved?


And if she did want him involved, at what level?


Should she suggest they settled down together?


But was that fair?


Fair to her?


Fair to Tim?


Fair to the baby?


She loved him. She knew that. She hated him seeing anyone else.


She'd been trying to hide from those facts from the moment they'd started dating seriously.


But she couldn't avoid it any longer.


Just as she couldn't avoid what was growing inside her.


Just as she couldn't avoid the fact whatever she decided to do, Tim had a right to know.


She grabbed the phone. "Tim, can you come over? I have something to tell you."



Getting It Right is the sequel to this story.


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