Nikki Harrington


Set after Burning Down The House.

For now, all that Fraser has left is a picture and his memories of Ray.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2008. Word count: 250.



Alone, Ben gazes down at the photograph of Ray and himself.


'Warm me up', were Ray's words.


Words he knew Ben would understand.


Words with more than one meaning.


Holding a flame under the postcard and fulfilling that meaning had been simple.


The other meaning would have to wait.


Wait until Ray returned.


For a moment or two Ben considers leaving Chicago.


He doesn't want to be in the city without his lover.


He doesn't want to work with Ray's substitute.


He has nothing against the man; he simply isn't Ray.


But his lover needs him to be there.


His lover needs him to keep up the pretence he is still there.


His lover needs him to treat Raymond Kowalski as he would treat Raymond Vecchio.


His lover needs him to help Raymond Kowalski become Raymond Vecchio.


Ben can do that.


He has to.


He will stay.


He will work with Raymond Kowalski.


He will help him become Raymond Vecchio.


He will treat Raymond Kowalski as he treated Raymond Vecchio.


He will do so in all ways but one.


He will be his working partner; he will try to become his friend. He will do these things for his Ray.


He will not, however, become his lover.


He will stay in Chicago and he will wait.


He will wait until his Ray returns.


Then he will fulfil the other meaning of the words Ray had written.


Then he will warm Ray up.


Then he will in turn be warmed up. 



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